WWDC Sold Out in 10 Hours

Apple today announced the date for this year’s WWDC, their WorldWide Developers Conference and offered tickets to would-be attendees for 1499$ US. Last year, it took 8 days before it sold out. This year? 10 hours. Erica Sadun on TUAW summed it up best:

Listen, Apple, if your event sells out in 10 hours, you’re oversubscribed and under-serving your community

While the popularity of the event is great news to Apple and no doubt reflects the insane momentum both iOS and OS X are enjoying right now, selling out in less than 12 hours is crazy. If you were in a meeting all day, you’re done.

It’s too bad too because this is the best Mac & iOS developer event of the year. I knew I couldn’t attend anyway this year so this doesn’t impact me, but it’ll be interested to see what happens next year. I certainly plan on being there but I wonder how quick you’ll have to be next year to snatch a ticket.

My prediction? Apple at some point will split the conference in two, one for iOS and one for Mac OS X but that’s not an ideal solution at all. My guess is that more and more developers are interested in both, but with so many people interested in the platform these days, there’s no convention center big enough to welcome everyone.

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